Laminar Air Flow(LAF)


LAF is a kind of air cleaning room facility which can provide a partial class A clean grade environment for a area.

It has 2 flexible install way: Hang from the ceiling or make a support from the floor.


Normally, the LAF is made of  fan, HEPA filter, differential pressure gauge, PAO test port, light, PLF screen, PVC curtain/PC panel and control system.


The fan is controlled by the converter so that make sure the wind speed after the PLF screen will be in a stable rang(0.45±20% m/s).


By the PLF screen, it will make the wind speed always the same in the using area.


With the PAO test port, it can test if the HEPA filter is leak or not.


The differential can check if the HEPA need to change.


The PVC curtain/PC panel can make sure the area always in a positive/negative pressure.


The biggest advantage of the LAF is its size can be customized as per customer requirement.