Clean Trolley:

The clean trolley is normally used in transfer/shifting the material between the lyophilizer and other machines under clean grade class A area.

The clean trolley use the air flow control system. By adjusting the working condition of the fan, it makes the average wind speed in the stable range(0.45±20%m/s), and also, it makes the material which shifting is always in a positive pressure.

To prevent the material sprayed outside and do harm to the operator, the material which shifting is surrounded by the tempered/Acrylic glass. The platform which carrying the material can be up and down according to the requirement of connect machine.  With the access door and rubber gloves, the operator can shift the material to the machine perfectly.

The air flow of the clean trolley can be vertical and horizontal.(as per customer requirement)

The casing can be SUS 304 or the SUS 316.

The control system used the PLC control and touch screen.

H14 clean grade HEPA filter and PAO test port.

Dywer differential pressure gauge.