Air shower

Air shower is a facility which used for remove the dust of the people/goods before enter the clean room area.

The air shower used the interlock system, the 2 doors can not be open at the same time, by this way the air inside the air shower will not be polluted.

When people/goods get into the air shower, the cleaned air with high speed which come after the HEPA filter will remove the dust from the surface of the people/goods, and the dust will be collect by the pre-filter and then the air will pass through the HPEA filter and come out. After this circulation for a while,  the people/goods will get clean and will not pollute the clean room area.

Normally, the air shower is made of Casing, control system, fan, pre-filter, HEPA filter, interlock system, light, SS nozzle, door closer, photo-electronic sensor, door indicator, emergency stop button,ect.

Casing material: SUS 304 or powder coating.

Control system: LCD control system or PLC touch screen control.

Interloack system: one door is closed when another door is open.

Pre-filter: collect the big particle size dust.

HEPA filter: provide the clean air  for the people/goods and collect the dust.

Door closer: normal door closer for people, and 90 degree door closer for goods.

Photo-electronic sensor: make the fan running when people/goods pass through.

Door indicator: mention the people/good if they can get inside or not.

Emergency stop button: cut the power when emergency.

Wind speed: no less than 25m/s.

The air shower can be customized as per customer requirement.